Identification and security at low prices!

When you take a group skiing, you may need to quickly distinguish them from the rest of the skiers on the slopes, especially from all the black rental helmets! Coolcasc® Basic is the simplest way to identify your group, whether it’s a school, ski club, or simply any other sport group that wants to create their own exclusive image, Coolcasc® gives you the ability to be easily identified.

Customized COOLCASC® Lycra® helmet covers for groups. 7 basic colours in stock: green, yellow, blue, black, red, green flour, orange flour, pink flour.

Customization by printing logos and texts is available. This service is individually quoted after image files have been received. The printing procedure may be transfer or textile vinyl. Depending on the complexity of the logo; colours used, size of logo, text to printed etc. the Jet cover may be more viable than the Basic covers.