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COOLCASC® is an international registered trademark owned by COOLCASC, S.L. All models defined as well as the utility design have been internationally registered under the name of COOLCASC, S.L.


These present General Conditions of Sale are applied with full legal right to orders of products placed by any natural or legal person, whether public or private (hereinafter referred to as the Client).


Formation of the sales contract:
The catalogue of products offered allows the Client to know the essential characteristics of the products before placing the order.
The proposed products are shown as exactly as possible. The catalogue photographs are indicative but not binding.
As soon as the Client has formalized the Order Form, the Client is considered to be aware and has fully and unreservedly accepted the products, prices and quantities proposed on such Order Form.
The sales contract between COOLCASC and the client will be considered to be firm after COOLCASC has confirmed the receipt of the order. Any estimate, in whatever form, provided by COOCASC is not binding and only offers the information requested by the client. COOLCASC reserves the right to reject orders. Orders placed by the client are binding and will not be cancelled after being confirmed by COOLCASC.


Sales prices of the products are shown in Euros, VAT included. Transport costs are shown separately and broken down and will depend on the shipping system for each case.
Applicable rates are those which are in force and published in the web on the date the order is registered.
Modification: Prices of the products proposed and these present General Conditions of Sale are subject to be modified without prior notice.
We strive to only provide high quality products and therefore, we reserve the right to remove an item or cancel the delivery of an order if the Quality Department considers that the guarantees provided by the manufacturer are not sufficient. These modifications, cancellations or suspensions will be made with the objective to provide better service to our clients. Consequently, these will not be compensated in any form.

Right of withdrawal

The Client is legally entitled to withdraw this present contract of sales within 14 working days with a written notification to coolcasc@coolcasc.com. This period starts the day after the receipt of the order by the client..
During this period, the client will only take the product out of its original packaging in order to decide if he exercises the right of withdrawal. If the product is returned, it will be in its original packaging and in good conditions..
Return transport costs will be assumed by the customer.
COOLCASC undertakes to pay the client the price of the product returned, after checking the state of the product, within 30 days from the receipt of the product.

Payment conditions

Payment will be made through the payment methods specified in Coolcasc web page: Paypal or credit card. Any other payment method will be explicitly agreed by the parties.
COOLCASC reserves the right to cancel orders if not completed payments.
In case of invoice billing, the client will pay the amount within 14 days after receiving it.
In case of non-payment within the period established, the debt will be increased by 1.5% per month. The amount due will be enforceable, immediately and with full legal rights, 10 days after the sending of a formal notice which has been of no avail, without the necessity of judiciary procedures. If full payment is not made within the period established, legal procedures will be launched.

Penalty clause

All money collected through contentious proceedings fully implies the charge of a determined compensation to the Client, as a penalty clause, of 15% of the sum of the unpaid invoices at maturity, with a minimum of 50€.

Reservation of ownership

COOLCASC expressly reserves the ownership of the goods until total payment and interests produced, if any, is made.
However, the Client will be responsible for the risk of loss or destruction, from the moment the delivery is going to be made, and damages on the goods or caused by it. The Client is also responsible for total or partial losses, theft or destruction whatever the cause is.

Delivery time

Delivery times are estimated and not binding and are detailed in the web page in each case and country. Delivery times are taken into account, solely and exclusively, after the formalization of the Order Form.
Delays in the date agreed for reasons not attributable to COOLCASC shall release us from any responsibility and/or damages the client may suffer. Delays in delivery cannot justify cancellation of the order, refusal of goods or payment of damages and interests.

Quality tolerances

Despite the careful selection of manufacturers, slight differences in colour and measures of the final products may exist.
Likewise, the variety of supports and marking techniques, as well as the constant evolution of the inks used (particularly because of new environmental regulations), do not allow to obtain in all the cases inks and brightness according to the references of the pantones given by the Client.
These slight differences are tolerated by the uses of our profession and cannot affect the validity of the contract of sale, being accepted by the client, and will not originate any right to claim for damages.

Claims and returns

As soon as the goods have been received, the Client shall verify its conditions and the conformity according to the order. If products delivered are not in conformity with their nature or quality, the Client must make a claim by mail to coolcasc@coolcasc.com. An answer will be received within 48 working hours.
Claims sent after 10 working days of the delivery of the goods will not be considered.
The Client shall request by mail the return of damaged material, no longer than 15 calendar days from the date of delivery. An answer will be received within 48 hours from the receipt of the request. From that moment, the client will deliver the material within 5 working days.
Acceptance of damaged material will only be definite after checking the conditions of the material by COOLCASC, S.L. staff.
There will be a minimum charge of 10 € for handling costs in returns due to customer error, which will be deducted from the corresponding credit.
Material which is used, incomplete, not in good conditions or not in its original packaging cannot be returned.
Shipping will be prepaid but if the return is produced due to our error or the technical department admits the malfunction of the product, we will refund shipping costs and bear the cost of reshipment to the Client.
Order cancellation
As previously indicated, orders passed by the Client are firm and definitive.
Consequently, every order cancellation must be previously authorized and compulsorily sent by mail.
Al costs produced until that time will be invoiced.


Products supplied are covered generally by the guarantees granted by the law for this type of products.
The guarantee will become void in the following cases:
• Defect or failure is produced because of improper use or treatment of the product..
• The faulty product is delivered without its original packaging.
• A copy of the delivery note or invoice is not attached to the product.


Contact COOLCASC for further information about orders:
Tel: +34 1 5356840 from 8:00 to 14:00
e-mail: coolcasc@coolcasc.com

Data Protection

When the Client places an order, they implicitly accept that COOLCASC uses their data to process their order. This data will be filed in accordance with COOLCASC data protection policy. Such policy can be revised by clicking “Privacy Policy” in the web page.


he Client waives their own jurisdiction that may correspond to them by law. Any dispute arising will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.