We share the good mood and wish of doing things right

We are enthusiastic. We create with an open mind. It amuses us to have fun. We are passionate about the sport. We love the action. We like challenges. There are no limits.

The Coolcasc team is made of daily work, joint learning and shared emotions. We are a group of economists, marketers, designers, sales people…, united by a common passion: our work. And a challenge: continue to improve every day.

Our success is based on our entrepreneurial and creative spirit, and an excellent service and attention to our network.

Because inspiration is everywhere. We only try to transfer this inspiration and creativity to our collections. Collections designed thinking in our clients, but also in our non-clients. Designed thinking in the reactions when seeing a COOLCASC®. We love robbing smiles among the non-customers so they become customers soon. Our challenge is making helmet skeptics use their helmets because of COOLCASC®.


We pamper customers and distributors, from each of our departments. From the smallest to the largest. They are all important. They are all unique. Unique as our more than 200 different COOLCASC® styles.

Nosotros Fabrica Fundas

Passion, work and perseverance

Passion makes that every workday becomes an adventure. It turns the ordinary into extraordinary and encourages us to keep on working and overcoming new challenges. We like what we do and we try our best.

Work, more work and still more work. There are no secrets to this. Limit: 24 hours.

Persevere in what has been achieved and try to go a step further. There are no breaks. Just keep going on, but always enjoying the game and not just trying to score. Because if we reach the maximum score, the game will be over.