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1.- Is it possible to use COOLCASC ® on different helmet sizes?

COOLCASC® covers can be used on different helmet sizes. They are made of lycra, which makes it easy to stretch over most helmets. However, there are some helmets with visors or others with large goggle attachments which may make it difficult to fit the helmet covers. They can be used on ski, snowboarding, roller skating, scooter, bike, hockey and even motorcycle helmets with open face.


2.- Are there different sizes of helmet covers?

No.All COOLCASC® helmet covers are one size fits all. They are made from lycra®, which is very stretchy.


3.- How should I fit my COOLCASC®?

It´s easy on helmets with ‘hard ears’. You just have to slide the cover over the helmet and fit it to the helmet edges, the elastic around the edge of the cover will help to keep the cover in place. With regards to helmets with soft ear pads, you should make a small cut in the COOLCASC® fabric, in the area next to the end of the ear pad and pass the webbing strap through the hole, ensuring that the helmet cover covers the entire earflap. This is not essential but can help the cover to fit better. Click to see the fitting videos.

Instrucciones montaje fundas

In jet motorcycle helmets, you should make two small cuts to fix the visor.

instrucciones montaje funda para jet

There is no problem in cutting the helmet cover or making small holes, because there is no danger that the hole gets bigger.

4.- Is it possible to use COOLCASC® on motorbike helmets?

The current COOLCASC® range is designed for any helmet, they can be used on most motorbike helmets as long as they are not very large helmets.

5.- Why there is a hole at the back of the helmet cover?

Because it is used to fix the elastic band of the goggles when used in ski helmets. For cycling use the hole can be used to fix a taillight.

6.- Are COOLCASC® helmet covers safe?

COOLCASC® helmet covers do not interfere with the safety of the helmet in any way! They are not permanently attached to the helmet.
Instead, they allow more visibility increasing the user´s safety.

7.- Where can I buy COOLCASC®?

You can buy COOLCASC® at our online store, or at any of our official retailers.

Find your nearest store.

8.- What´s the price of a COOLCASC® helmet cover?

The price of COOLCASC® helmet covers can vary between 16 and 35€, depending on the collection.

If you want to check a specific price, please enter the online store and go to the product page.


1.- What is the usual delivery time for on-line orders?

The delivery time depends on the service selected and the destination country. Look for the option you are interested in the following table:

Origin Type Time
SPAIN Courier 48 Hours working days
EUROPE Post Mail (EMS) 1 week aprox.
OTHERS Post Mail (EMS) 10-15 working days aprox.
2.- How much is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost depends on the selected delivery service and destination. Check your choice in the following table:

Area Post Mail
Spain 3,95
Zona Correo Ordinario
Others 10,00
3.- How I can find out about the delivery details of my order?

Please submit your queries to, referring to your order number and we will provide the shipping number so you can track your order on-line. In case your freight option is post services, delivery time is approximate and depending on Correos España.

5.- Are all the models available?

All models in our online store are available and in stock for immediate delivery. If not, the shop will show “SOLD OUT!”

6.- To which countries can you deliver on-line orders?

Currently our on-line shop delivers almost everywhere.

7.- What should I do if my order gives me 'error' in the store manager?

Please email to and we will manage your order personally.

In case the error is produced at the payment step, make sure your credit card is validated for internet purchases and contact your bank.