Our history



Coolcasc®,  was born in a small restaurant in the Swiss Alps “Aux Vieux Verbier” on a skiing holidays in March 2007.

Mar Peire, wanted to find and differentiate her children on the ski slopes. Something to put on the helmet, making helmets fun and nice so kids wanted using them ensuring their safety at the same time. All in one: a helmet cover which helps to identify them quickly while skiing.

This is how COOLCASC® helmet covers were born.
There was nothing similar in the market and by the end of the year we registered the brand, the idea and first designs.


A year later, first models arrive. We start our production with the Dinosaur and Pig.

We design and register our exclusive packaging.

Like many other companies, we started in a garage. We deliver our first orders.
We open our online store.


We hire our first representatives and start to outline our national distribution network.

We appear in media. People like our products and have fun with COOLCASC®

! We are already known at the ski slopes!


We expand our catalog to almost 50 different items.

We launch the Cool Print Collection.

We start the distribution at the big Spanish store El Corte Ingles.

We open our office and ware house in Madrid.


We’re ready to start our internationalization.

At ISPO 2012 began our international adventure.

Acceptance and recognition abroad.

We open new markets such as France, Austria and Italy.


Our international distribution network continues to grow.

ONE FITS ALL: We diversify our target markets to other sports besides skiing, such as cycling, skating, etc. COOLCASC® fits any helmet type, any helmet size.

We develop a huge range of customized and personalized helmet covers. We launch an exclusive collection for biking.


We become the reference brand of helmet covers in the market.


We consolidate our brand internationally with presence in more than 30 countries.

We celebrate our first 10 years of success in the market.


At ISPO 2020 we launched a new product: COOLMASC goggle covers. Using the same know how and printing techniques, but new lycra fabric made of recycled plastic bottles. A complete new collection matching with our helmet covers was presented in Munich.

Only one month later the pandemic started and we had to reinvent ourselves and part of the company during the lockdown. We need now to persevere in what has been achieved and try to go a step further. Just keep going on, but always enjoying the journey.